What is Cinet.com's Wireless Audio Distributor (WAD) system?


Wireless Audio Distributor (WAD) broadcasts audio from multiple TVs to iPhones, iPads, and Androids. The WAD is ideal for Sports Bars, Nightclubs, and Fitness Centers where many TVs display different channels simultaneously. The WAD enables customers to sit side by side and yet listen to different TVs using their personal smartphones or tablets. Thus each customer can watch any TV among many and listen to its audio, such as the sports commentaries, breaking news, and etc. See our Youtube videos below to learn more about Cinet.com's WAD system.

What is WAD system? (Section 1)

How was the world before WAD? (Section 2)

What changes did WAD make? (Section 3)

How is WAD better? (Section 4)

Current Users of WAD (Secton 5)

WAD system (Entire presentation)

In addition to TV listening, the WAD provides additional features such as Auto Channel Naming, Advertisement, Online Remote Access, and User History:

Auto Channel Naming - Display the channel/program names automatically from Direct TV

Advertisement - Send out text, picture, or video to customers

User History - Collect the channels and program preferences of customers

Remote Access - Control the WAD remotely online from your home or office

The WAD is easy to install and easy to use. Each unit can broadcast up to 40 different TV channels, and connect up to an unlimited number of customers. Using the app, the customer simply selects the channel and listens to the audio at professional quality and with less than 0.2 second latency. CiNet.com can make the difference and put you ahead of the rest.

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