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Remote Control Sensor Installtion

Instructions to install Remote Control Sensor for CAVS PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT

Items Needed:
Remote Sensor Kit
Ability to power it with a Molex power source

Begin by plugging the cables into their counterparts, each cable can only fit one connector so you need not worry about attaching it incorrectly. Once everything is connected insert the Disc that it comes with. Click through the prompts and install the Driver.

After the driver is installed we need to determine which port your PC is designating it. To do this we will open the Control Panel in Windows and Navigate to the Hardware and Sound category, from there we will select Device Manager. Scan the list of Hardware and click the Drop Down for the “Ports” category. There should be one called “USB-SERIAL CH340 (COMX)”[Where X is the number of the Port]. Typically the default is Port 3.

After determining the Port Number open CAVS Play CDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT, in the top left of the Program click the “Tools” drop down and open “Serial”. You will need to enable it by clicking the “Check mark Box” and then select the correct Port number.

To complete setup, select the “Tools” drop down again and select “Settings” towards the bottom you will see see an option for “Enable RX Mode”, check this option. After completing these steps please restart the system to make sure all the settings are implemented. This completes the Remote Control Sensor installation.

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